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In the garden of innovation, where technology meets nature's demands, stands TGS TitanSun. Inspired by the colossal strength and enduring power of ancient Titans, TGS TitanSun is more than just a grow light; it's a symbol of life!


Max Power


uMol/j efficacy

Samsung LM301H EVO LEDs

full spectrum grow light

Very Light And Quiet

IP67 Water Resistant

low energie consumption

Temperature Protection

meet the titans

Meet the powerhouse LED grow lights that will take your crop to the height of titans.

100w coming soon

TGS TitanSun 100w Quantum

The TGS TitanSun 100w Quantum grow light delivers full-spectrum, energy-efficient lighting for all plant growth stages. Easy to use with dimmable settings and high-quality Samsung chips, it ensures optimal plant health and growth. Perfect for any grower.
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TGS TitanSun 240w EVO

TGS TitanSun 240w EVO

512 high powered Samsung LM301h LED's with a full spectrum, supplemented with red OSRAM LED's for growth and blue for increasing Chlorophyll B (photosynthesis). This latest generation power LED will push any plant to great yields!

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TGS TitanSun 320w EVO

Elevate your harvest with TitanSun 320w EVO, featuring high-quality Samsung LEDs and full-spectrum lighting. Enhanced with 730 nm IR OSRAM LEDs, it intensifies growth and boosts chlorophyll B & photosynthesis, propelling plants towards exceptional yields. Experience the pinnacle of LED efficiency.

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TGS TitanSun
Breathtaking and efficient design

The TitanSun 240w EVO will not only take your breath away with it's beauty, hanging tall above your plants. It is also designed to distribute the powerful light evenly and efficiently for maximum coverage.

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Strong performance to increase yield.

1. top grade aluminum body

All LED grow lights have high-quality aluminium which ensures longevity and durability in tough growing conditions.

2. true wattage

Wattage is rigorously tested to continuously give high quality light.

3. compact led grow lights

TitanSun grow lights are designed to be compact & give an evenly illuminated area for optimal growth.

4. spectrum

All grow lights are equipped with high-quality and long lasting LED's that give you full spectrum sunlike lighting.

5. lightweight

The durable aluminum bodies make the grow lights light and easy to manage and hang.

6. Temperature protection

While LED's don't give off much wartm, the aluminium grow light bodies passively cool the system for longevity and optimal performance.

TGS TitanSun 240w EVO Grow Light
TitanSun 240w
TitanSun 240w EVO
240w EVO TGS TitanSun Grow Light

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TGS TitanSun, where technology meets nature, symbolizes life and growth with grow lights inspired by the power of the sun and ancient Titans.


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